Friday January 27, 2023 from 5:30pm – 7:30pm Barterra Winery

315 B Main Street, Half Moon Bay

Barterra Winery

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Michael Vincent is a San Francisco Bay Area singer/songwriter who performs primarily in the Bay Area in solo in house concert settings and in clubs and bistros with his full band, U No Who

Michael began writing and performing in his early 20s after teaming up with friends and an older brother making music in some of the folk-rock haunts in 70s San Francisco, striking out on his own and eventually opening for and recording with nationally known artists such as members of We Five, and members of various incarnations of The (Grateful) Dead.

Michael’s song writing (and performance) philosophy is change it up! He makes the observation, “you don’t listen to just one kind of music, I don’t listen to just one kind of music, why in the world would I only want to make just one kind of music?” His songs always have a signature Michael Vincent feel, yet stylistically they range from Blues, to Americana/Roots music, to Power Pop ballads and even edgier Punk/Metal influences like in his song Fire Fight. Michael explains, “I have one song about people returning from war in the Middle East that’s totally Pop Punk. Why? Because when your nerve-endings are frayed from horror stories about a war the song has to have that edge in order to communicate your sense of outrage, it demands it!”

Michael is influenced by long-in-the-tooth artists of his youth, from The Beatles (“who never wrote the same song twice”) to newer artists like Snow Patrol and The Fruit Bats, whom Michael observes, “… bring some exciting new energy to pop music.”

In his writing Michael calls upon his personal experiences through 30+ years as a social work chaplain. “My song writing is influenced by every human experience known to man – or woman – and the way our deepest selves are shaped by those experiences.” He is still an occasional volunteer at a South Bay drop-in-center for the homeless where he had a career as a social work chaplain. “I still have both that abiding sense of faith that somehow manages to see people in destitute poverty through their despair and helps get them off the street, along with being well acquainted with what it means to share bread with people who are personally so vulnerable they’re virtually stripped naked of every pretense imaginable.”

“I also write pop songs,” Michael says with a wink and a smile. “While I’m committed to the cause of those living on the margins, I’m not fixated that this is the only thing worth communicating about in music. Pop music in particular carries a great release – no matter what your economic situation – to be able to take a breath of fresh air and actually infuse something positive into it all is a great thing.”

Michael has released 6 solo albums: his first – Lines and Wonders – was recorded in 1993, and his latest – For the Record – is a compilation of personal and audience favorites from 25years of recording, just released on Angel Blossom Records, a Bay Area independent label formed recently to work with a hand picked collection of local artists.

The Longest Time

“We tried hard not to write the same song twice,” said Beatle George Harrison, and once past their Mersey Beat era, they kept their word. I’ve modeled after writers who share this p.o.v., and have, with great intentionality, written in different genres throughout each album, because they represent much more bandwidth of the human and musical experiences.

Each of my previous albums did this, yet still had their own ‘flavor’ to the overall production of the record. Where Radio still has a folk-rock feel to it throughout, Jump! has more of a power-pop feel. The Longest Time, my newest, is no exception.

I’d originally intended to make an all acoustic record from the start. But the concept evolved and morphed into what you hear now, with much more Blues influences, and a definitive ‘Roots’ feel to it – influenced by the great group of players we engaged to help make this record happen – veteran musicians from the North San Francisco Bay Area around Petaluma.

We recorded in the wonderful historical environment of Cotati’s Prairie Sun Recording under the careful direction of film-maker/record producer Thom Butler (who produced my first album, released in 1993). With amazing players who turned out to be equally heavy-hitting arrangers (many of the gents from the-band-formerly-known-as-Cahoots) on everything from mando to banjo, from astonishingly bluesy gospel keys, to monster stand-up bass riffs, congas, cajon, full-kit drums, oud, and more, we were able to truly craft what I believe is my best recorded effort yet.

You can  hear samples of all album tracks here.

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Michael Vincent & U No Who at the Golden Gate Park Bandshell (full set)

Filmed and recorded on September 29, 2021 this video performance shows off the band in true form and is a delight to watch and listen to. Enjoy!

If Ever – Michael Vincent and U No Who featuring Haley Lamos
My tribute to the front line workers (of all types) who helped, and are still helping, us make it through the Pandemic of 2020.

Of The Promises by Home Free (featuring Michael Vincent)
This is a tune I wrote many years ago but which, for me and seemingly for others, rings especially true today.

Short version of Backwards Land featuring Mickala Cheadle with Michael Vincent and Solorio

8:46 second video for the song Backwards Land featuring Michael Vincent and Solorio, Mary Neidel Mickala Cheadle and the choir of Beth Eden Baptist Church and pastor Dwight Webster.

A documentary short from Angel Blossom Records and SpeakLo Media… Making The Longest Time. This film is part of the Vocabulary of Expression project at SpeakLo Media

Show compilation from Angelica’s Bistro February1, 2020

Full performance of “California”

Rehearsal video with the band before recording the song Gotta Notion.

Video from Beth Eden Baptist Church in Oakland, CA where we recorded the choir for the climax of Backwards Land.

Willy Ry’s Mississippi Mud and Hope of the Hard Luck Stranger from the CD RElease concert in Palo Alto, CA

Full CD Release Show – Palo Alto, CA – November 3, 2018

Click here to watch earlier video from previous CD releases.


Where can you catch Michael (and friends) performing LIVE?

Barterra Winery

Friday January 27, 2023 from 5:30pm – 7:30pm at Barterra Winery

315 B Main Street, Half Moon Bay

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Image result for applejacks la honda

Saturday February 11 from 8pm – 10pm at AppleJack’s – 8790 La Honda Road, La Honda

Followed by Donovan Plant and the Leafs from 10pm – Midnight.

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Barterra Winery

Friday January 27, 2023 from 5pm – 7pm at Barterra Winery

315 B Main Street, Half Moon Bay

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from 11 AM – 1 PM Saturday January 22, 2022

Apple Jack’s Saloon in La Honda
Friday January 21, 2022 7- 10 pm

Michael Vincent and U No Who

Nov 19th
Apple Jack’s Saloon – 8790 La Honda Rd in  La Honda. 
Sunday Sept 19th, 2021   11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
San Gregorio Store
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May 29th, 2021  1-4 PM at The Roadhouse
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May 15th, 2021 from 6-8 PM

The Coastal Vine – 2305 Carlos Street, Moss Beach



Saturday, Feb 1, 2020 8:00 PM

Angelica’s Bistro
Bell Stage Main  Dining Room
863 Main Street
Redwood City, Ca 94063
Michael Vincent CD Release

Featuring Michael Vincent and U No Who (Scott Warren, lead guitar; Dave Mendoza, bass; Anthony Fulgar, drums)


Opening act  – Donovan Plant.
While Donovan’s music is upbeat and positive, he’s not some New Age Pollyanna, with trite clichés and insipid lyric structure. Instead, Donovan’s music is insightful and edgy, as well as accessible and enjoyable to almost any audience.